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yeah... I've been less then productive

March 24th, 2011 (04:11 am)

current mood: cold

Well, I like them anyways. I'd rather have been sleeping, but that didn't happen and I couldn't focus on reading a computer screen to catch up on my friends' pages.

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12 thoughts from the past two weeks that were retained long enough to record

***** these were written at various times over the last few weeks when I thought them but was too fried to post. I apologise if there are any typos; each and every one was all but unreadable when I actually typed them, but I did run it through spell-check on MS Word, so I hope I got the majority of the mess. *****

sad fact just editing and cleaning this up took... too long. I opened the page at "22:43" and finished at "23:55". Jeeze.

 - I really dislike wiki sites. It took me this side of forever to not hate them immediately because of the potential unreliability of them (I don't care what anyone says about how a wrong answer can be corrected as quickly as under a minute; I know of four incidents involving people I know personally and in 'real life' [as opposed to on-line] where it was the wrong information that kept getting 'corrected'), bitching because I can't figure out the damn rules + gushing over ComicVineCollapse )

 - Sometimes, words are awesome but right now, I despise my vocabulary. Unless I know someone really well**, I can come off as either harsh, pissed off or attacking when I don't mean too. Apparently, saying that 'x' template email was used to justify the deletion of a submission is being rude, but that's the most descriptive word I can come up with. "Explain" doesn't fit because the email didn't explain anything.
  **or they happen to have an X-Files reference as their username not be angered because they say the same things with the intent of being a (funny) pain in the ass being harsh.
added in editing/just before posted (this isn't something that needs to be said on a general post, but I'm going to anyways) I am more than a little amused by this note and it's sub-point because I had a conversation on this very subject last night with her.

 - You know how sometimes when you watch a show that you haven't seen in a long time and when you watch it again, you wonder how you didn't see how truly **awful** it is? Well, I caught myself thinking the reverse when I was watching Star Trek; Voyager a while back. I always remember it as being poorly acted in the beginning, not all that good with continuity, having created Seven for gratuities sexuality and just really hokey. I attribute watching it to it being _Star Trek_. But when I actually watch it, it's not nearly as bad as I always think of it.

 - ( http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=91) I cannot comprehend a situation where paying for alcohol is equivalent to covering pizza except maybe in the case of a children's BD party and the parents of birthday child drinking after.

 - spent a full day dicking around on the Blue Bloods Wikia site. A very long no-point detail list of what specifically I did and justifications for everything can be found here; http://bluebloodstv.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Pixie_child/self-absorbed_mind_drop

 - I have found a new way to be horrified and very amused at the same time; http://wonkette.com/. shifting blame + recs found at 2AMCollapse )

 - Wow, I'm getting a little political lately. I know it is just through quoting one of the awesome-ness of one of the coolest "Old Guys" on TV, but still. They're directly currently politically-related, so it feels pretty damn close. And while I'm pretty sure no one on my f-list** is a [what's the US equivalent of Canada's Conservative party? I can't keep the two names separate because unlike up here in the land of "Universal" health care, neither words are (as far as I know) words in the English language], but just in case, I apologise. I don't want to offend anyone. Well, not unless you would vote the illiterate media whore, ah, "companion". Then I am not going to say anything in your regard, because I'm a firm believer in the rights of everyone, but you really challenge that.
  **reading this and not a member of my f-list? Seriously? Well, after questioning your sanity (^_^), I invite you to contact me either through commenting, PM-ing via LJ or DW, or emailing me! If I haven't scared you off yet, I'm almost guaranteed to be more than willing to babble incoherently with you.

 - suddenly overwhelmed by 14-year-old guilt from back when I spent two weeks with my aunt and uncle. an instance where I was reminded how everything is a reflection on my fatherCollapse )

 - I'm easily amused. Apparently, Jeri Ryan's birth last name is Zimmerman. cue Star Trek-related giggles
    - also just learned that she turned down a cameo offer to be in (Star Trek) Nemesis, and only asked Kate Mulgrew after. I have nothing against Jeri Ryan, but seriously? Janeway made much more sense than Seven of Nine to appear.

 - this is super cute; http://www.kimonostownhouse.com/

 - I fucking hate the '07 layout of Microsoft Word, but I [well, my OSAP grant] paid for it and it would be stupid to pay for a downgrade just because I'm a stubborn jackass when it comes to change. I just wish I could do the same thing with it as I did for running Windows Vista (I've got it set to look like Windows '98).

 - I really like using DreamWidth as my alpha journal for many reasons, but the major ones are that the posting interface just feels cleaner and the staff is so damn helpful and friendly. Also, because I don't have to fight with logging in and DW allows me to cross-post. That being said, I guess LJ has spoiled me because I find it incredibly inconvenient not to be able to tag my entries with a tick-box list and it drives me up the wall when I want to have more than one space at a time, because you just can't do it in the Rich Text format (they are removed in the post), and if you put the   into the code box then switch to Rich Text for any reason, they are removed then as well. Little things, but they get to me.

 + another thing I had intended to add to my list of upcoming posts; a work-in-progress meme. It is actually one of the few things I could have done in the last few weeks, because it would require little thought, except that there are at least 75+ files in my "in progress" folder and have no idea how to compile the list without having to copy/paste or re-type all the file names out.

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I think this may be the only time one tag applies

March 22nd, 2011 (10:09 pm)

current mood: all over the place
current song: Broken Heart Sun - Serena Ryder & Melissa Etheridge

...I'm still alive? Just sayin'. Mostly because if I say so now, I'll remember to post a longer update tomorrow.
(1) I've got two long text files of point-form, one about all the Law & Order I've been watching in my 24/5 (my mom drives me up the wall on weekends) at home and one that proves I believe I'm the center of the universe
(2) I went to a Melissa Ethridge concert last Saturday, which was my mom's birthday gift.
(3) Prompt demands disguised as requests of at least 10 things per, in an attempt to acomplish at least one thing per day.
(4) Major things in my life aside from my health and school are looking up.
spoiler (of upcoming posts):

1. Huh. After 2+ weeks of watching Law & Order then last night's episode of The Daily Show; Huh. Jon Stewart looks kind of like E.A.D.A. Mike Cutter [aka Linus Roache] (the guy who took over from McCoy in the last two seasons). Well, I guess, Cutter looks like Jon Stewart (I think, assuming Roache is younger then (than? I hate these two words) Stewart, but whatever. Maybe that's why I warmed up to him so quickly (and in no way because I refuse to admit it's because I can relate to him via his thing for Rubirosa).
2. I could have sworn it was K. T. Tunstall who sang "What I Wanna Know", not Serena Ryder. Then again, I hadn't realized that I was a fan of Ryder until last Saturday, so (to quote cassievalentine, in a compleatly unrelated context), what the hell do I know?

edit(1): (speaking of watching tDS...) "We're at war? Again? I don't want to be a pain in the ass, but don't we already have two wars? You know, wars aren't kids, where you don't have to pay attention to the youngest one because the older two will take care of it. Not a baby war." ... "So, predictably, two days after the sanctions we just start bombing the shit out of them."

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i made an icon

March 10th, 2011 (11:59 am)

current mood: drained

...yeah. I'm way to proud of this. But I finally managed to acomplish something.

Well, listen, here's what we're gonna do; We're gonna figure out who did this, and we're gonna string him up by his family jewels. It's not gonna bring her back, but it's gonna make you feel better.
(Jackie Curatola - Blue Bloods: Little Fish [1x11])

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February 24th, 2011 (12:16 pm)

current mood: confused
current song: The Colbert Report - Jan. 25, 2011

Okay, when you're having trouble following The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, it's a sign you're too loopy to acomplish anything, make wise decisions or spell correctly. Too bad I didn't catch it back at 2:00AM, huh?

But I heard, understood and had the brain capasity to look the quote up (because God knows I'm not typing a line of at least 25 words!) and pass it along.

Colbert: For the record, I believe Sarah Palin is a true statesman whose experience as a failed Vice Presidential candidate, half term governor and eight episode reality star, has fully prepared her to take control of our nuclear arsenal.
[Jan. 25, 2011]
[personal profile] i_want_2 , it reminded me of you. How did you put it, "Fucking retarded"?

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Writer's Block: The kindness of strangers

February 23rd, 2011 (07:07 pm)

current mood: amused

If someone insults you when you're walking down the street, what do you do?

Squeel like a small child, hop in palce and holler either "Hi!" or "Love you to!"
Not origonal, but it usually embarisses the fuck out of the speaker and the people s/he's with.

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hiya! (and sexy electrocution)

I have been home since Sunday. I am still feeling crazy, but to the few friends I mentioned my, uh, experimentation with my meds, it was informative. The second night, I actually had Greg a little worried because I was so mellow (and not bouncing off the walls or wanting to spin around every thirty minutes), happy just to watch Andromeda and either doodle or play Solitare.

Also, because I am too ADD to work on the over-due holiday gifts, I have been staring at a story board for one of my own conceps that will never see the light of day, and coming up with 'clever' t-shirt designs for a specific tries-too-hard character. ∴ this lead to me having to check with Google to see if it was "Rule 43" or "Rule 34", and I re-found this; http://www.xkcd.com/305/ Likely most of the internet population has read it before, but it's silly and cute.

PS (another dumb quote); I can't get "All right, you liberal pansy sex fiends! 1940s morality is back and it's going to set you fuckers straight!" out of my head. Which is not abnormal, but what should be at least a little worring is that even as an uptight, margenly homophobic, mock (as in, not from a real comic), Steve Rogers still just seems 'quirky'. (from this mock, which I've rec-ed before and am sure most of you have seen as well.)

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...really? -This- is innaproperate?

February 17th, 2011 (11:35 am)

current mood: confused

"...hi lady. What's my number?"
This is the message I sent to my sister, about tow minutes after asking her if she minded if I sent her a text. (I needed her to tell me my cell number. I couldn't find it anywhere.) It is also the reason for her to be pissed at me today. Apparentally, it's creepy, because it sounds like I'm hitting on her. This is the girl who talks about "banging" specific old men (RDA, Jon Stewart, Sam Waterston and Richard Belzer usually), "diddling little Asian children", "jizzing" in her pants if she ever visits Japan and describes having her period in the most graphic ways possible. And these are just the first examples that come to mind.

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...actually, I can't complain about this...

I've had this quote in my head on and off for about a week. Until I looked it up, I could have sworn it was Cain that said it, but whatever. Not that I'm complaining either about having it in my head or about being wrong. It's the most normal thing my brain has produced in too long.

"Let's all sit down and talk about how we feel about martial law."
     ~ Ellen Tigh, (Battlestar Galactica, 2003; 2x04)

the full line (& semi-context) of the quoteCollapse )

Don't say it; I refuse to admit my brain is connecting this to anything in relivent news.
Also, because I'm actually a little linear today, I am not obsessing on people I know or know of who pull this BS. Linear is nice.

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English and I have come to a tentative agreement

Yesterday's problem has sorted itself out, pretty much. I can understand people again, but it does take some effort. Luckily (in regards to communicating with insensitive jackasses), I usually respond (and generally speak) so fast that my delay just makes me seem close to average and just a little slow.

CMHC is run by doctors who gave themselves their MDCollapse )

I'm going to see my GP today. He listens to me and tries to help.

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Please write, do not call

February 14th, 2011 (07:48 pm)

current mood: distressed

Not only was the doctor's visit a waist of three hours, but now I have been afflicted my that weird thing from DS9. I cannot comprehend English. I was watching SGA and all the words are garbled. I can read and write, but not understand spoke words.

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so... yeah

February 14th, 2011 (09:46 am)

current mood: crappy

Friday, I was actually blind for a large part of the day due to weird images right in my direct line of sight and thick, black, oily outlines that took up everything but my peripheral vision. Not fun. I did, however, get most of my fanfic that was on my LJ moved to the DW comm. Yay.
Still feel like shit, though, and I'm still seeing things. I do have an appointment with CMHC (or whatever the hell they're calling it now), so maybe something can be done about it sooner then my other medical issues.
Spent the weekend running errends, which is not fun at any time, but even worse when there's things going on that aren't real but seem like it.
Also, I feel all foggy-brained today. Yuck.

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February 11th, 2011 (09:25 am)

current mood: curious

Most pointless interview ever; http://cosmic-girl.com/?p=802
It's an interview with Colin Ferguson, but you don't have to watch anything he's in to it. Hell, you could only watch Fox News for all the "context" of it.

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million things to say, none of which are connected

(still at home, still seeing things, going a little extra crazy because I am at home)

1. "The first thing the Warren Commission found is that it is easier to reach a predetermined decision if you overlook pesky distractions. These include unreliable witnesses who might testify to things that don't fit in with your theory, physical evidence that hasn't been planted medical evidence that hasn't been altered, Mafia co-conspirators who haven't been rubbed out yet, et cetera." [UFOs, JFK, and Elvis by Richard Belzer (pg.33)]
It is the shit. Awesome, funny, cynical and in no way meant to be taken compleatly serously. More info here.
2. While looking for a quote from a children's book (which I still haven't found), found this site and ended up making a profile. Yay books!
- I haven't decided if I'm going to add series, because it would take a while to find 8-16 books per series, or TV-related books (BtVS, Star Trek, ect.)
3. A while ago, my grandmother started to read "cowboy books", most of which she buys at the drugstore. A few months ago, I realized that was code for "porn, set in the wild west".
4. From grade 11 'university-level' chemistry: "Dylan and Harper, ionic, MX (polar)". Somehow, this is a way to remember chemical bond types. It was expanded to include stuff for my college Organic Chemistry class, which may be rembled about later, when I find the post-it and feel like doing so at the same time I remember I wanted to.
5. "Calm down?! I am wearing sunglasses at night! You know who does that? No-talent douchebags." I don't follow Supernatural, it just got too dark and continuity-based for a show that didn't start out as either. But I remember my sister watching it ages ago when I was in the room and every time I remember this line, it sends me into giggles. Last year, I told a classmate about it (after class) and a guy (an adult in the class) overheard me and yelled "Are you dissin' H?", really offended. Now, I have my own obsessions, but really, I never actually said who Dean (and by extention, I) was talking about, so that's really rather sad.
6. ...uh, actually this one is quazi-related to #5, at least in my own brain... "...Beyond the series, Bono is especially notable for being an Irish guy on a sci-fi TV show not played by Colm Meaney." Because it's very true and while Colm Meaney is awesome, so is Mark Sheppard. (The quote is from a page that used to be on Wiki Frakr, but, along with most of their best pages, broke, and had to be retrived from the web.archive site here.
7. At least once a week, when I get serious-brain, I think about making a "happy-thoughts" comm (yes, I just made that up) where a weekly challange is something like "post an image of a cute animal" or "a quote related to (x)", usually non-fandom specific and no upsetting shit allowed. Then I think, what would be the point? I mean, I could probably wrangle a few friends into co-mod-ing it with me, but would anyone other then me actually get anything out of it?
8. I fould my cell phone, which I lost at least six months ago, a few days ago! I knew it was somewhere in my room, but I couldn't find the damn thing until I was looking for the power coard to my extrenal hard drive. Which I still have to find, but whatever.
9. I miss The Bridge. I know there are a bunch of cop shows out there and most have a very similar concept, but this was one of the few that didn't. Also, it gave a different perspective to the police force. Granted, it wasn't always a positive one, but that's how life is. I mean, I respect and am greatful for the work the police do, but there are always going to be people who mess up, are stupid, and even corrupt, no matter what job they do. And the acting was really good, too.
10. "This is the New York that I love-- the one you never see on a postcard." / "Now, there's an untapped market; tranny hooker postcards." Is 'tranny' ('trannie'?) an offensive term? I've heard people say it is (well, read people say so, mostly on S-D), but usually, when I hear the actual term used, it's mostly just as a lazy way of saying transsexual.
(...and by the way, Blue Bloods is awesome. Watch it!)
11. Why is it that LJ & DW mood images have 'drunk' as an unhappy face but 'crazy' as a good one?
. .

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oh, this is in no way politically correct. you have no idea.

Okay, before I go into what could become a full-blown rant, I want to say that I fully believe in free speech, okay? As long as you are not insighting violence or spouting slanderous (/liable? which is verbal? but both apply here) BS which you know is BS, then I believe everyone has the right to their opinion, no matter how imbicillic, horrible or brain-dead it is.
- that being said, if you ever want to witness something that may cause question to that right, you're welcome to come to one of my fraternal family gatherings.
warning: I really, really mean no offence by this, but it's hard to talk about racial (or other) issues without coming out sounding racist unless the person is of a ethnic minority, so I apologise just in case it sounds like it.
. . . + when I start talking about portrayals and good & bad ways of showing subjects of bias, I'm talking about the media and not in life.

----Things we should have to hear but suck none the less (or, 'Reasons why Studio 60 was awesome and NBC is run by morons')
The fact is, bigotry exists and likely always will to some extent, no matter how far we get.Collapse )

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