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Pixie Child [userpic]


May 2nd, 2011 (10:52 pm)
pissed off

current mood: pissed off

God fucking damnit! I am deeply ashamed of my Country.

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Pixie Child [userpic]

Procedure for coming home intoxicated

April 23rd, 2011 (03:05 am)

current mood: intoxicated

1. Fish out keys and unlock door
2. As quietly as possible, enter
3. (as though 2 negligible), tell dogs to be quiet
4. Put any take-away away & drpo purse on kitchen table
5. Once dogs silent, take my dog out back to pee
---5(a) Encourage/coax/bribe my puppy onto the damn grass (because he's afraid of the dark)
---5(b)Once 10 min. up, go inside (with dog) regardless of his actions
6. Text friend [who I was out with] that I am home safely
7. Take sleeping pills
8. Get glass of water (and leftovers if desired)
9. Get into bed & make req'd "I am intoxicated" DW (& LJ cross-)post

+ my mother's dog decided she needed to go outside, too, but wouldn't leave the damn porch until after Danny (my dog) and I went inside.

PS(1); please ignore the spelling, both to my f-list (in this post) and to [personal profile] conser (in the case of the 'home safe' text)
PS(2); other shit to follow at least 8h later (given 5h is my gen buffer time b/t posts & I hope to get to sleep in 1-2 hours)
.....PS(2)[a]; with a "Melissa Ethridge is awesome post I wrote a while ago
..........PS(2)[a](i); unless it ends up being a bitch-fest about my mother having from yesterday (Good Friday) until Thrusday off, because she does and she's always insanely stress-crazy when she's taken vacation time.
PS(3); Lifesaver sherbert is fucking sweet, and as [personal profile] conser can tell you, if I'm bitching about it, it's likely just diabetes incarnate

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Pixie Child [userpic]

it's a bit of a trade-off

April 19th, 2011 (12:02 pm)

current mood: content

I looks like I used up all my LJ points on re-doing the layout, because I can't sign in even to comment anymore. Oh well.
On the upside, I FINNALY GOT TO SLEEP AGAIN! YAY! Also, got around to posting 3 SG fics (all just barely-slash. I like skirting the edge, I guess.) Now if only I could actually post them on LJ.

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Pixie Child [userpic]

what memory?

So, my head's a sieve. If I need to do something, I'd better damn well do it when I am told / remember about it because if I don't, it is not going to happen. Being on stupid pills mixed with no-sleep levels of manic and stress from dealing with random bitch attacks from my sister... well, I'm sure you get my point.
Along with this, I apologise to the >90% of my journal f-list who's not on DW as well as LJ; the site was being a jerk to me again, so I couldn't use it past cross-posting through DW. Hell, half the time, my computer couldn't see that even exsisted.

The gist of this? If I owe you something, you need me to do something, or anything else, please don't be afraid to tell me point-blank on here. I can semi-work LJ again and will be trying to catch up with you all.
Thank you for your understanding if you have even a little; I am fully aware of what a special case I've been the last while and I am going to do my damndest to improve.

edit: (aprox. 2h later) I've finally changed my LJ layout, which I've been meaning to do for at least 6 months, but probably needed doing for a lot longer then that. If it's too girly, juvinile or offends you visually in any other way, please feel free to tell me. I fully admit I do not have the best judgement right now.

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Pixie Child [userpic]


April 17th, 2011 (05:28 pm)

current mood: confused

when I can relate to anything from Yelling Bird, it isn't a good sign.

Also, stoned on Ativan and semi-functional on very strong tea.

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Pixie Child [userpic]


April 11th, 2011 (10:53 am)

current mood: blah
current song: Model of a Network TV Show

...so no sleeping caught up me me and I've been feeling like total crap for the last four or five days. Not fun. But in an effort to cheer myself up, I present a very silly song, which is also the perfect example as to why Studio 60 was awesome and bit the big one when it came to ratings.


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Pixie Child [userpic]

Ain't No Love (icons that are not QC-fandom)

...maybe I'm looking for a reason to be upset? I don't know. I was trying to distract myself from the fact that LJ wasn't loading (and therefor couldn't make my daily_scifi entry), so I rewatched the damn thing twice on VHS, then tracked it down on the internet so I could make a bunck of icons for a scene I loath. Don't mind me. But then again, Elisabeth Röhm, so, pretty!

Can you tell I haven't slept right in days?

Also, if anyone wants 300+ caps of her in her final scene on Law & Order, let me know. Maybe then I can justify it in a better light?

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Pixie Child [userpic]


 - It always shocks even me when it takes me just short of forever to write a post that I already (pretty much) know what I'm going to write. In this case, the last post took around two hours to do. I started at 12:20 and didn't get it done until 2:30. The Bridge: 1x01 - Red Door

 - Yesterday, early evening (actually shortly before my computer fucked up), I made an icon in celebration of my (until that point) great luck. (Billy, from the opening of the pilot episode of The Bridge) It also took stupid-long, but at least this time I can blame it on needing to take 50+ caps of the scene -using VLC, which is slow to cap with-, and the scene cuts between characters very quickly. 

 - I'm trying to decide the... something, manors is the closest word, I guess, of distributing images (screen caps, scans, whatever) by someone else. Not on a website or anything, but as part of the (long overdue) December gifts for people. To make icons/pixel dolls/ect, I collected images all into one folder to make the actual making of the things easier, and I can't decide if I should also inclure a zip folder of the images for the recipients' use as well. I would also include a text file with credit to the source, but it still might be breaking internet ediquet or whatever.

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Pixie Child [userpic]

math is delicious!

So, apparentally, being 23 is looking to be a good age. Even though I'm at the second worst point in my life health-wise, it feels like the universe is looking to help make up for it.

so many awesome things are happening right nowCollapse )

PS; please help me with this if you haven't already!

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Pixie Child [userpic]

well, this is encouraging

March 31st, 2011 (11:47 am)

current mood: cranky
current song: The Bridge - 1x13

"Abuse of prescription stimulants is higher amongst college students than non-college attending young adults. College students use methylphenidate either as a study aid or to stay awake longer. Increased alcohol consumption due to stimulant misuse has additional negative effects on health. Methylphenidate's pharmacological effect on the central nervous system is almost identical to that of cocaine. Studies have shown that the two drugs are nearly indistinguishable when administered intravenously to cocaine addicts.
Methylphenidate (re-direct from "Methylphenidate HCl") page at wikipedia.org
why did I decide to look into this?Collapse )

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Pixie Child [userpic]

God fucking damnit! I need computer help

March 30th, 2011 (11:20 pm)

current mood: aggravated

Somehow, my Windows Defender program has been corrupted by a virus. I am using my mom's laptop to type this in the (unlikely) hope that someone is going to read this in the next hour or so and know what to do. I could try to restore my computer to an eariler date, but I'd loose all my files I've edited since, and knowing me, I'll probably end up fucking it up worse. ANYONE KNOW???

I'm also upset because until half an hour ago, I was writing a post saying how awesome things have been going. Goddamnit!

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Pixie Child [userpic]

need help with fandom-block

March 30th, 2011 (12:58 am)

current mood: anxious

this is a request to all of my f-list. Given that it looks like I'll have all of jack to do, I thought maybe I could make it a goal to acomplish one fan-thing a day. I'm hoping if you guys could help me out with giving me one of each of the list below, I could use them as prompts. (Also, to get done most of the December gifts I owe you.)
Each bullet is compleatly unrelated to the others. And hey, if you want to fill it out more then once, I won't complain, but what I'm begging for is if each of you could do it once.

  • character, 'ship, and episode from a fandom I know
  • 1-4 related images or a link to a page of a collection of images (ie; a page with screencaps [page 4 of 1x06 caps])
  • adjective, noun and verb
  • expression or cliché
  • first name, object, colour
  • song title or line from a song
  • month and date (within the last year)
  • [(seven numbers b/t 01-20), (six numbers b/t 01-10), (three numbers b/t 01-50)] or, just mash on your number pad to make a long string of digets and I can seperate them.
Thanks in advance, guys. I really appreciate this.

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Pixie Child [userpic]

fried, but I learned something anyways

March 29th, 2011 (01:38 pm)

current mood: blah

Colbert: Mainly, I want to see it to get answers about the shocking regime collapse on everybody's mind; Canada's coalition minority government, lead by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, fell today. The Canadian government has fallen! As we speak, [I know a chilling story,] as we speak, marauding bands of rebel Inuit are storming parliament on beaver-back while embattled prime minister Stephen Harper orders mounties to dump cauldrons of mapel syrup on them!
    - [March 28, 2011]
Good to know this is happening in my country.

Also, I may have a way to beat the hazy brain. Free-based crack* is the shit!

*I am in no way promoting free-based crack, or any other drug not perscribed by a licensed physician. In actuality, they have put me back on the brand-name ADD medication methylphenidate hydrochloride Concerta which has much different effects then the generic drug, as well as upping my dose to off-set the stupid-brain of my antipsychotics.

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Pixie Child [userpic]


Not that it affects me in any way, but this artical suprised me. Most likely because I have yet to see it mentioned by any of the masses of squeeing Hawaii Five-O remake slash fanatics.
Also, doing the Mass Wrangling shit that nobody enjoys (but needs doing) over at AO3. Which is where I found the link, in a very round-about way. And can I just say that "RPF" (aka Real Person Fanfiction) is compleatly terrifying.

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Pixie Child [userpic]

much babbling about Law & Order

Over the last few weeks, I've spent a lot of time watching various Law & Order episodes; season 20 (recorded myself when they were airing new), season 16/17 at 5pm on Bravo, and old tapes of anything from S1 to (I think) S15, which I got from my grade 11 English teacher. So excuse the L&O (TOS) spam, k?
...and can I just say how cool it is to watch the older episodes without having any of it cut for more add time? There are scenes I'm getting to see that I'm pretty sure have been hacked because older shows had more show to them. Also, I don't mind watching the adds that are there because even they are kind of entertaining, seeing the differences between the styles now and 15-20 years ago. Hell, even five years ago.
NOTE; some episode spoilers

many various thoughts and points in no order other than that which I watched inCollapse )

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