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Pixie Child [userpic]

math is delicious!

So, apparentally, being 23 is looking to be a good age. Even though I'm at the second worst point in my life health-wise, it feels like the universe is looking to help make up for it.

  • School - I had to drop out of college because of how much I missed
    • When I spoke to the program chair, he was completely awesome about it. When I asked if I could be able to get back in (after dropping out twice), his responce was "I'm the chair. I can do anything I want." and he said that he knew I was doing everything I could and would be willing to let me back when I'm able to return. Hell, not only that, but when I said that I would download all the notes before I withdrew and would keep up with them and read my textbooks, he said that if I needed help with understanding anything (in any of the classes, not just the one he teaches), I could make an appointment to go over it with him, even though I am not in the program anymore.
    • When I withdrew, I called the registrar's office to make sure they got the withdrawl form my mom faxed, and because I had a doctor's note, I can get a full refund, not just half like I thought. Of course, the lady I spoke to said it also probably helped that my program head apparentally contacted them about it and said that he could attest to my being honestly as sick as I said.

  • Financial - I had to apply for Disability more then a year ago when I dropped out the first time, but was rejected on my application and request of an 'internal review', because I didn't have a diagnosis beyond 'likely undiagnosed neurological disorder'.
    • At first, my Legal Aid worker said that she didn't think she could use my psychotic episodes because they started at the end of December and the deadline for submitting problems was in November, but it turns out that because it was simply the cause of a medication (which I've been on for years) that stopped working, it counted.
    • My in-court apeal was supposed to be yesterday, but last Monday (the day before my 2-hour appointment to go over everything with the woman helping me in L.A.), I got two letters saying that I didn't need to show up because they'd reached a final decision, but didn't specify what the decision was. Thankfully, when I went to my appointment the next day, the social assistance paralegal said that it meant that I was approved. It's pretty annoying that they couldn't have done that sooner, but I'm just glad I didn't have to go to court. I'm still stupid-brained and I doubt it would have been all that good if I'd spaced/nodded off from my medications (or had a fit if I didn't take them to be clear-headed) in the hearing.
    • I also get the money back-dated from the first time I was denied, so I'm getting enough to pay to have a new keyboard installed on my laptop, buy new bras, and pay back the extra grant from OSAP I've used up buying Boost shakes, power bars and Gatorade, and paying my mom rent, and still have a little left over. Yay!

  • Home - my mom is too easily pushed around and my siblings are jackasses
    • I think this may be at least partly due to the fact that I'll have money now, but my mom's not only (mostly) stopped buying everything my sister wants (and can't afford herself because she refuses to get a part-time job), but she's also started actually calling my sister on being a bitch and when either of my siblings make fun of me for my health issues, she somehow makes them stop. I don't know if she's threatened or severly guilted them in private, but when she tells them to shut the hell up and leave the room, they honest to God apologise and do as they're told.
    • My mom's also been a lot more understanding about my limitations and pretty much stopped expecting me to be the live-in maid. I suspect it's because of the new antipsychotics, and there are a million different episodes on TV about how bad the side effects are, but at this point, I don't care. She finally gets it and doesn't blow up at me when I don't clean up after my brother and sister.

  • Health issues - well, specific ones that are worth noteing
    • Like I said, the ADD specialist perscribed me a higher does of Concerta with 'no substitutions' written twice on the 'script, which is already helping with the fog in my head.
      • for the last year (at least), I've been on the generic brand, which I've learned is incredibly different. I always assumed that my shorter attention-span and crankyness that started when they switched it was just in my head, but apparentally not.
      • I also assumed that I was switched just because a generic version because avaible and my drug plan required it (as they did with my antipsychotics), but the doctor said that most drug plans recognise the difference in the case of Concerta (at least, they wouldn't make it a requirement unless the switch has been made once, then they'll say 'well, you took it once, so clearly it wasn't too different'), and the Goddamn generic manufacture actually pays the fucking drug store to make the switch. You'd think that would be illigal, but apparentally not.
      • I guess the makers of Concerta are loosing sales because people can't afford the brand-name drug, because they have this thing where if you pay for the cost of the generic (either yourself or have a drug plan), they'll cover the difference. This is really wonderful, because if I thought the cost of Seroquel was high, Concerta is huge!
    • I no longer am being grossed out once a month! (In case you need a translation, I haven't gotten my period in over two months) If I were anyone I know, this would be cause for panic**, but my GP told me a while ago that it was a potential 'problem'. The way it was explained to me, due to my varity and severity of health problems (past and current), and the mix of medications I'm on, my body has gone into a state of conservation to reduce stress on my body, loss of nutrience, and alteration of brain chemistry. I'm not complaining.
      • **(well, except one who's doctor is a moron -high, hun! I'm not saying your name 'cause you had the entry f-locked but you should know who you are! [wrong last names and 'edgy' character deaths piss you off. ^_^], but dispite what my 8th grade health teacher said, I'm pretty sure that requires a hetrosexual sexual act to have taken place in around just before that, and I've been too unwell to date, let alone have the ability in the hight of mania to go out and seek any kind of sex, let alone psyke myself up to have straight sex.

    • + my computer issue was solved. Following i_want_2's advice, I backdated my computer to a month ago. I did spent at least four hours before that backing everything up, not because I didn't trust her but because given my track record, there was always the chance that in doing so, the computer could end up erasing itself entirely or something impossible like that. None of my files were effected by it, but I'm still glad I didn't chance it.

    also, the title is dumb, I admit. I was going to use something like "I'm loving my life right now", but in my weird logic, "life" is connected to "Life" brand cereal which is connected to this silly design.

    PS; please help me with this if you haven't already!

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