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now we both hit our mark [and we stand back to back]

with a hope that these broken hearts somehow connect

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Pixie Child
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  • fai_dust@livejournal.com
I'm a 17 22 year old girl (wow, how did I not catch the age discrepancy before?) who loves writing fanfiction in a few fandoms. Eureka, BtVS/AtS, BSG 2003, Stargate (SG-1/Atlantis), Marvel Comics, Andromeda and Star Trek.

My fanfiction was taking up a lot of space on here, so it is now posted here; http://community.livejournal.com/fangirlpixie/ The genres I tend to write most are angst and femslash. (Quite often together. It's a thing.) But that's not that's all that's there, so even if femslash (or slash in general) isn't your thing, you may still find something to read.

And before I get another email either asking me who made my icons, let me say that I made every one I am using.

Alpha Squadron is Love

aiden/stella, alison blaire, allison blake, andromeda, angelus/kennedy, b'elanna torres, bad sci-fi, batgirl, battlestar galactica, batverse, beka valentine, beka/trance, billy kaplan, bipolar disorder, birds of prey, black canary, black canary/oracle, bobby/john, bonnie tyler, books, boom-boom, boomer, boomer/starbuck, bsc slash, buffy the vampire slayer, byron/jeff, cam/john, carter/stark, cessily kincaid, charles gunn, chloe sullivan, chloe/lana, christopher pike, creative writing, cyclops, cyclops/rogue, cyclops/wolverine, daniel/jack, danny tripp, danny/matt, daria/jane, dawn slash, dawn/cordelia, dawn/eve, dawn/faith, dazzler, dazzler/pixie, deep space nine, dylan/harper, elizabeth weir, elizabeth/teyla, elle greenaway, eureka, eureka maru, eureka slash, evan lorne, f/f, f/f smut, fairies, fairy wings, fanfiction, femslash, francesca lia block, fred/tara, gay rights, glitter, hellion/wind dancer, i know stuff, ianto jones, ianto/jack, international day of femslash, jack carter, jack o'neill, jack/nathan, jadzia dax, jamie madrox, jamie ross, janet fraiser, janeway/torres, jo lupo, jo/zane, john sheppard, kara thrace, kara/anders, kate bishop, kira nerys, kitty/rogue, lady blackhawk, laura kinney, layla miller, lesbianisim, lindsay walker, lindsay/tru, louise/madeline, lucy in the sky, marvel comics, marvel femslash, matt albie, megan gwynn, mitchell/sheppard, new x-men, nori ashida, northstar, orical, pixie, purple, rainbows, rictor, rilo kiley, rogue, sam/janet, scott summers, seamus harper, sg-1, sga, sharon agathon, sharon valerii, sofia mantega, star trek, star trek femslash, starbuck, stargate atlantis, stargate: atlantis, studio 60, tabitha smith, tegan&sara, the scarlet witch, trance gemini, trip, tru davies, trust in the harper, unicorns, vala mal doran, vanessa carlton, victor borkowski, willow/angelus, willow/tara, wind dancer, x-23, x-men, xi'an coy manh, young avengers, zane donovan, █♥█

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